From Farm to Table
Natural -  Chemical Free - Locally Grown 

Our Vegetables

All of our produce starts from organic seed stock or plants from certified organic growers.  We water  from a resident well, and the soil where the plants are grown, both inside and outside, are tested annually.  Only natural forms of pest control are used and no chemicals are used in the growing process, even if deemed organic.

Who We Are

Laura and Dave Marohnic, grew up in Bark River.  They both moved away and returned after Dave retired from the Air Force.  Since 2011, they have worked to develop their small vegetable and fruit farm.  The goal is to grow healthy food with no artificial chemicals, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers.

Why Buy Locally Grown?

Yooper Produce believes in local community support.  Buying locally from a grower, gives the consumer the ability to truly know where their food is coming from and keeps our local economy strong.

Our Fertilizers

We produce our own fertilizers  and compost, on site from excess plant fibers and organic fed rabbits.  The fertilizer is winterized to kill harmful bacteria.  No artificial fertilizers are used on the farm even if they are deemed organic.