From Farm to Table
Natural -  Chemical Free - Locally Grown 


Yooper Produce is located in Bark River which is in the southern, central Upper Penninsula of Michigan.  Dave and Laura Marohnic started gardening with a desire to produce fresh, chemical free, produce for family and friends.  They started with a 7200 sq ft. fenced garden in 2012.  They planted apple and cherry trees, created raspberry and strawberry patches and brought in blueberry high bushes.   They raise rabbits to produce natural fertilizers in order to avoid chemical fertilizers.  In 2015 they added a high tunnel, with assistance through the NRCA (Natural Resource Conservation Service).  This gave them an enhanced growing season and they found they grew far more than they could use.  They began selling produce in 2015 randomly, then a good friend, suggested a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  Yooper Produce started researching CSA programs and how it worked and decided to launch with a small group in 2016.  Here's to new beginnings and growing together through our partnerships.