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Yooper Produce CSA Agreement:
Farmer contact information – Please send communications through email to or call/text to (906) 280-5434.

Our CSA program – We are a seasonal operation that plants both outdoors and under hoop house.  We start planting in March and start harvesting produce in late June through October.  We have over 50 different fruits and vegetables that we plant annually. We have a process that allows the CSA member to chose the produce they want and how much they want.  This process calculates a unique share cost per family request.
Explanation of growing practices/source of items – All produce is grown from certified organic seed or sprouts.  We use no chemicals or artificial fertilizers.  All growing practices are 100% certified natural.
Pick ups and Delivery– The farm is open on Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for order pick-up.  We prefer home delivery and have a route twice per week.  
Cancellation policies-  You may cancel at any time without penalty.
Payment expectations – We have developed a new idea in share costs.  You select what your family will want and we calculate  your committment to the farm.  You can purchase other items anytime and they will be deducted from your share.  If you go over your share we will invoice at the end of the season.
Explanation of CSA risks & rewards – We have also reviewed the risks and determined that many people want a say in what produce they get.  We will change the standard process and send shareholders weekly emails/text messages of what is available.  Each member will have the ability to order or not order what they want, with the exception of their pledge produce.  All orders will be credited against the CSA share purchased.

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We do not process payments on our website as each share request needs to be reviewed to verify we are able to meet the shareholders expectations.  We will follow with an electronic invoice that has the ability to pay online or you may mail a check if you prefer.
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