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CSA Programs
In tradition with a CSA, this is a cooperation between farmer and consumer to grow what the consumer wants and needs.  We are putting a little different spin on this.  We noticed that the consumer wants more flexibility in what they receive, so we have developed a process that will allow each share holder to recieve only what they want from each item harvested.
The first step is to become a shareholder of the CSA by registering on the CSA Sign Up page.  We then send you an email with the list of produce that you select your desired committment or we can do this over the phone together.  Once the committment is calculated we will email an invoice to you.  This puts you on our email/text notification list.  As product becomes available, we will email/text the shareholders with the product.  The shareholders have the first pick of the produce and can email, text or call in an order.  Produce that you have committed to will be automatically delivered for that week.  We will give you advanced notice as your committed produce becomes available.

CSA members can ask for specific greens such as kale, chard, various lettuces on a weekly schedule.

CSA members can order in addition to their committed produce and will not be billed until the end of season.  

If a CSA member can not accept their committed produce they can transfer this to someone else.

The farm is not liable for crop failure due to unforeseen events or weather paterns, however we will do everything in our power to plant sufficiently to meet CSA members pledges.  If the farm is not able to grow the committed produce then the CSA member my ask for a refund for that item, or use the pledge for other purchases.